The Original Facial Bar

I've always approached soapmaking as creating something pure, creative, and beautiful for washing the hands and the body.  Personally, I had never before used a true bar soap on my face, and I never thought that would be a good idea -- what with the delicate nature of facial skin, differing skin types, and the highly personal balance of natural oils.  A lot of people find that using a bar soap on the face makes their skin feel dry.  However, many customers would ask me what bar I would recommend for using on the face, and some others would even tell me that they were using such-and-such bar on their face and loving the results.  As glad as I was that these customers were having great luck using a bar soap from my general "soap for hands and body" collection on their faces, I decided it was time to formulate a bar specifically for use on the face, to address my concerns about the issue, so when asked for a recommendation, I could respond, "If you want to use a bar soap on your face, THIS is the one I suggest using."

Accordingly, after numerous requests and months of testing, it's finally ready: The Original Facial Bar!

If you like using a true soap on your face, this is the bar for you.  It's our first pure soap formulated specifically for the face: a highly conditioning bar that gently cleanses the skin with a low lather and no coconut oil to minimize any sensations of tightness.  There are no added colors or fragrances.

Olive OilHand-crafted in small batches with olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter, castor oil, and soybean oil for a gentle bar of natural vegan soap for the face.

As always, after washing your face, spray your face and neck with a toner to hasten the natural re-adjustment of the skin's pH shift that can be caused by cleansing and to prep your skin for proper absorption of your facial moisturizer.

Shy?  Committment-phobic?  Worried about “cheating” on your current facial cleanser?  Try the mini-bar size!

Help prolong the life of your natural soap by using this wooden soap dish, cut from a solid piece of wood in a manner that allows water to drain completely through the dish and away from the soap.


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